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Green Planet Coin

Living the future together and saving the world.

Revolutionary Technologies that make us independent for a continuously livable planet.

With an investment in Green Planet Coin, you help us support environmentally friendly technologies in order to make the world a better and more healthy place.

About Us


Enables for the first time to separate vegetable oils from undesirable associated materials effectively, decentralized without heating.


Novel process with exhaust gas recirculation and utilization of the exhaust-gas energy through the use of an additional fluid.



Extraction of high-quality fibers without calories and high-quality proteins Tasteless made from a variety of vegetable recycling material.

LTC - Low temperature cracking

Process for the converting of biomass to high-quality as well as eco-friendly energy carriers and biochar.


Key Features


Green Planet offers 100% transparency in terms of coinage, technical features and future projects.

Support the enviornment

Help us develop sustainable technologies for a better tomorrow.

Climate neutral technologies

With our technology, we produce biogenic fuel and energy that is CO2 neutral.

Ethereum Based ERC-20 Token

All Tokens are already mined. There will never be more than 12.5 Billion Tokens.  

GreenPlanet's Vision

Is it possible to preserve our planet as intact biological organism and at the same time create nourishing living environment for all terrestrials? Considering current prospects, this vision does not seem to be realistic. But it is always possible to defy conventions that determine our present supply situation.

The human need of energy is rising continuously. This means that the need of resources is growing exponentially. Those are, regardless renewable energy, especially brown coal, stone coal, gas and uranium which altogether make circa 60 % of the net power generation and come along with massive interference with nature. However, also renewable technology such as hydro power, wind power and solar power can have negative consequences for our ecosystem, and that is why it is not accepted unconditionally either. CO2 pollution is presumed to be the main factor of the climate change, which is why the promotion of renewable power generation is getting more and more important. The more efficient use of raw material and its secondary product is going to be indispensable in the future in order to come up to challenges such as the growing density of population as well as the rising demand for energy.

Furthermore, providing food and consumer goods is getting progressively challenging, as expanding markets globally cause rising demands on product quality. State interventions and measures are not sufficient in order to assure adequate support for effective and game-changing technologies. Therefore a significant part of the future innovative capacity is going to be provided by private as well as cooperative initiatives of companies.
Until now, there was a lack of simple procedures that enable directly a complete workability of plant raw material for human and animal consumption. Thanks to the development work of GreenPlanet EnviroTec, such procedures are now existent and performable with high efficiency.

By the combination of innovative techniques it is possible for the first time to do a complete recycling of materials of the total plant mass with high cost-benefit efficiency and positive energy balance at decentralized locations on an arbitrary production scale.

The effect that we achieve with the application of our process technologies is a boost as well as a motivation for carrying out the cultivation of foliage plants especially where so far it had not been profitable due to logistic and economic reasons. Therefore our technologies are conductive to the creation of new habitat. Thereby the essential measure becomes concrete that our air keeps the quality that is needed in order for us to breathe.
To the same degree we can offer new possibilities of regenerative energy systems as we.

GreenPlanet EnviroTec says YES to sustainable production processes and supports the preservation of our habitat through the implementation of our technologies.

GreenPlanet EnviroTec

GreenPlanet EnviroTec counts on sustainable energy supply for private as well as industrial demand. In this connection, it is differentiated between energy in the form of food and energy in the form of fuel.

Driven by the common interest of implementing process technologies that guarantee a sustainable supply, the initiative unites innovators and experts who are able to herald the revolution of peripheral main funds supply in an economic as well as in a technical way.

The technically uncomplicated process engineering and the modular structure of the production units are essential components of the project and ensure the easy realization of production facilities as well as a smooth operation through minimally trained personnel.

Token Details

Green Planet Distribution


  • ICO01.07.2019 - 02.03.2020
  • ICO SUPPLY250.000.000 GPC
  • TOTAL SUPPLY 500.000.000 GPC

We will accept Bitcoin, Ethereum and Euros.


the process of our ico program

1963 to date


2008 to 2018


2008 to 2018


3. quarter 2018


4. quarter 2018


1. quarter 2019


2. quarter 2019


3. quarter 2019


4. quarter 2019


from 2020

Development and sale of additive technology for biogenic fuels



Development and construction of the first CIRCULAR generators, successful passing of test runs, tests with various fuels, planning of mass production





Development and test phase of CWS technology as well as Fipro technology







Establishment of GPETEC Ltd., preparation ICO GreenPlanet Coin, CIRCULAR technology combined with energy storage









Planning of GreenPlanet Innovation center Wallsee, cultivation canola and processing to plantanol and nutrients











construction start CWS facility in Paraguay for purification of acrocomia-oil, market analysis for market entry in Nigeria and Benin, planning of stand-alone LTC facility in Weyer, planning Fipro facility













ICO start, construction of first plantanol produc-tion plant, sales start CIRCULAR generators in GER and AT, construction start Innovation center Wallsee, planning Fipro in















GPETEC Ltd. relaunch to GPETEC AG,
sales launch on own marketing platform incl. shop, completion Wallsee, start-up of CWS Paraguay

















GreenPlanet Coin sales on trading platforms, expansion of sales activity outside AT, construction start Fipro in Paraguay



















Expansion of LTC technology in AT and GER, international launch of sales of plantanol, CIRCULAR as well as CWS and Fipro

Executive team

Ing. Johannes Kurzmann

CEO, Founder

Mag. Werner Jaschinsky

CFO, Founder

Wolfgang Stieger

COO, Founder

Siegfried Haselsteiner

CSO, Founder

Herwig Hainitz


Ing. Reinhard Graf

CTO, Founder

White Paper

Read our White Paper to know more about Green Planet Coin and Blockchain.